/ / / March 2018 / / /

And here we go with the next treat: NIFELHEIM (SWE) and TAPHOS (DK) have been confirmed for this year's edition!

/ / / February 2018 / / /

We are elated to announce, that PALLBEARER and DEMILICH will be part of Chaos Descends 2018!

…so here we go with the next bunch of bands: GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Australia), WOLVENNEST (Belgium) and ORACULUM (Chile) will play CHAOS DESCENDS 2018!

/ / / January 2018 / / /

Maniacs! Here comes the first Chaos Descends announcement in 2018: We are bringing you MANILLA ROAD, HÄLLAS and PAGAN ALTAR – with their incredible new line up – to Crispendorf. Stay tuned, there are more exciting announcements to come the next few days and weeks!!

/ / / January 2017 / / /

We want to send massive thanks to everyone who came to CHAOS DESCENDS this year and made it an absolutely outstanding weekend! A special thank you to our fantastic crew for their dedication and hard work and all the professional artists who put on great shows!

/ / / June 2017 / / /

Here we go with the last additions: Linnea Olsson's new band MAGGOT HEART, A DEAD FOREST INDEX from New Zealand and PAUL WERLING have been added to the bill. A Dead Forest Index and Paul will play their sets in the nature for a smooth start into the Saturday, before the usual madness continues. The Running order will be announced shortly.

/ / / May 2017 / / /

We will provide a shuttle service from Berlin Tegel Airport to Crispendorf and between the train station Pößneck OB and the festival area. For detais check the info section.

We are very very excited to announce that OKKULTOKRATI, SONNE ADAM and VENOMOUS SKELETON will be part of this year’s Chaos Descends!

With great pleasure we announce that SORTILEGIA (CAN), DEATHHAMMER (NO) and ATTIC (D) have been confirmed for CHAOS DESCENDS 2017.

BLACK MAGIC have cancelled their show.

/ / / March 2017 / / /

Tickets are limited to 750 on presale now available: chaosdescends.com/orderform.htm

SUNN O))) will be headlining Chaos Descends on Saturday, July 22nd.
Festival tickets will be available fom Sunday, March 19th, 6 pm.

Our latest additions for Chaos Descends 2017 are BLACK MAGIC, VORUM, VENENUM, DREAD SOVEREIGN and NIGHT DEMON.

/ / / February 2017 / / /

Tickets will go on sale March 19th.

/ / / January 2017 / / /

We are more than excited to reveal our “big epic headliner” which you may have guessed is none other than the legendary CIRITH UNGOL! The eponym of our festival will perform at Chaos Descends 2017!

/ / / December 2016 / / /

We are excited to announce the first bands for Chaos Descends 2017: Mgła, ABSU and (DOLCH). The big epic headliner (100% confirmed) will be announced January 10th. Stay tuned!

Mark it red in your calendars! We will make the first announcements within the next two weeks. Tickets will go on sale around christmas. Stay tuned!

/ / / July 2016 / / /


Thursday 21.07.16
from 20:00 Opening Party with DJ Krugi

Friday 22.07.16
16:00 - 16:40 I I
17:00 - 17:40 MOSAIC
18:00 - 18:50 REVEAL
19:10 - 20:00 MISÞYRMING
20:20 - 21:10 DEGIAL
21:30 - 22:30 ARTHUR BROWN
22:50 - 23:50 REVENGE
00:10 - 01:00 ALUK TODOLO
After Show Party with DJ NUCTEMERON (Evil Spirit, Berlin)

Saturday 23.07.16
13:30 - 14:10 SACROSCUM
14:30 - 15:10 MALOKARPATAN
15:30 - 16:10 SLÆGT
18:30 - 19:10 EURYNOMOS
19:30 - 20:20 RAM
21:50 - 22:40 INCANTATION
23:00 - 23:50 PROFANATICA
00:20 - 01:20 MYSTICUM
After Show Party with DJ DANI GRAVE (Grave Miasma, London)

With great pleasure we announce that we have added two more bands to this years's line up: I I from Leipzig as well as our close friends MOSAIC. Presale will end Sunday, July 17th.

/ / / June 2016 / / /

! ! ! N O T E ! ! !
As there is still a high demand of the Berlin–Crispendorf shuttle:
The bus is fully booked BUT check public busses to JENA (options at busliniensuche.de or flixbus.de, prices from Berlin range from 10-15€), from Jena take the train to Pößneck (Hopperticket from 9am-3am, 4,90€). From there we provide shuttles. Or check carsharing (blablacar.de).

If you have not received a confirmation for the bus yet, you do not have a seat!

Besides frequent shuttles from the train stations in Pößneck, we offer hotel shuttles at night (within 15km) to avoid rip offs from local cap companies (like last year).

We are very pleased to announce the last two bands of our line up this year: OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US (Austria) and Slægt (Denmark).

Busses (Berlin–Crispendorf and return) and hotels booked down to the last seat/bed, please don’t send any more requests.

...some more bad news. GENOCIDE SHRINES were forced to cancel their entire tour. Read the band's statement on their Facebook page.

We are extremely excited to announce that DEAD CONGREGATION have been added to the line up and that EURYNOMOS will make their first ever appearance at Chaos Descends.

…and we have some bad news too: WRATHPRAYER and ORACULUM had to cancel their tour.

/ / / May 2016 / / /

Straight in your face! SACROSCUM have been confirmed for Chaos Descends.

We are thrilled to announce, that REVEAL will make their way back to us this year with new members and new material.

/ / / March 2016 / / /

We are proud to announce that WRATHPRAYER and ORACULUM will make an appearance at Chaos Descends 2016.

/ / / February 2016 / / /

We are super excited to announce, that “The God of Hellfire" ARTHUR BROWN and Norwegian Industrial Black Metal pioneers MYSTICUM will be playing Chaos Descends this year.


Good news for folks who are in need of public transportation. We have a bus from and to Berlin and this year shuttles from the train stations in Pößneck at scheduelled times. We also offer a hotel shuttle at night within 15km of the festival area. Please see the Info section for details.


We are elated to announce that RAM (SWE), MALOKARPATAN (SK) and GENOCIDE SHRINES (LK) have been added to this years line up.

/ / / January 2016 / / /

We are extremely excited to announce the first bands for this year's Chaos Descends: REVENGE (CAN), PROFANATICA (USA), DEGIAL (SWE), ALUK TODOLO (FR), TBHR (BE), MISÞYRMING (IS), INCANTATION (USA) and HORNS OF DOMINATION (D).

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: : July 2015 : :


Thursday, 16.07.2015, 18:00
Berlin Airport Tegel, Terminal B, Bus-Stop to Crispendorf-Festival Area
22.00 EUR p.P. (53 seats available)


Sunday, 19.07.2015, 10:00
Crispendorf-Festival Area to Berlin Airport Tegel
22.00 EUR p.P. (53 seats available)

There are 15 Tickets for both rides left.
Reservations will be taken at: shuttle [at] chaosdescends.com


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