Chaos Descends' 6th edition will take place in July 2022 at Ferienland 2, 07924 Crispendorf.

/ / / TICKETS / / /

Presale tickets will be available at


We are not able to take ticket reservations.


We have a beautiful campground incl. showers. Vehicles can be parked next to the tents. The campground will be open from Thursday.

/ / / FESTIVAL AREA / / /

/ / / HOW TO GET THERE / / /

Ferienland 2, 07924 Crispendorf



50.5802250, 11.7015050

__P U B L I C : T R A N S P O R T A T I O N
Busses to JENA (check options at, prices from Berlin are about 12-15€), from Jena take the train to Pößneck (Hopperticket from 9am-3am, 5,10€). From there we provide shuttles.
Or check carsharing (

! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !

What is prohibited at Chaos Descends Festival and the Park & Campground?
- weapons of any kind
- pyrotechnics
- open fire
- animals
- knifes (exceptions: pocket knives and butter knives)
- glass of any kind


Chaos Descends Festival may be visited only from the age of 16 years. A permission from a legal guardian is not accepted. Only exception: A legal guardian accompanies the child (the minimum age is 6 years).


Grilling is allowed at the designated barbecue area (near the ping pong tables). The grilling-hours are daily from 7am-11pm.


Since open fire is prohibited, grilling outside these areas is not allowed.


Please respect the beautiful nature that surrounds the festival area and collect your garbage.


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